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Address:25/F, Tai Yip Building, 141 Thomson Rd.Wan Chai, Hong Kong
香港湾仔谭臣道141号大业大厦25楼     TEL: +852 3106 3128     FAX: +852 2537 2811



Address:Suite 5-5, 5F, Tower 3, Jacaranda International Centre, OCT Happy Coast,
No.8 Baishi East Rd., Nanshan District, Shenzhen
深圳市 南山区白石路东8号华侨城欢乐海岸 蓝楹国际商务中心T3栋西区5-5     TEL: +86 755 2266 5975     FAX: +86 755 3305 1506

Urban Design

  • Strategic Masterplan & Project Masterplan

        We regard master planning as the fundamental and critical process on formation of urban forms and infrastructure. It synthesizes a wide spectrum of values including culture, social conditions, ecology and economy in order to create an environment that could constantly initiate dynamic exchange among citizens, city and nature. Therefore we systematically and thoroughly enquire the inherent contextual values and envision future potential to establish design directions and living scenarios that allow people an open and active participation of the place.

        We conduct a reciprocal design process that ensures a simultaneous exploration of large and small scales, top-down and bottom-up feedback loops as well as from parts to whole.The objective is to create new possibilities of living and help our client to formulate a sustainable brief for further design of architecture and landscape.

    Strategic Masterplan - It serves to identify how a city, region or group of cities might be regenerated or changed in order to meet perceived or even unforeseen challenges. It often involves policy formulation and collective actions from the public sectors. We have been providing strategic masterplan services to different government departments and related corporations to establish strategic visions.

    Project Masterplan - It serves to focus on a specific site with definable boundaries and design brief. Throughout the design process we always investigate the potential beyond the boundaries and design brief. We have been providing project masterplan services to real estate developers and public institutions in the greater China.

    Urban Design


We provide comprehensive architectural consultancy services from concepts to project execution.

  • Conceptual Design

        During conceptual stage we explore directions with clients to maximize possibilities for spatial program and design treatment of the site.

        We believe that a good project begins with different design approaches. The best solution is often achieved by debate and comparison of these approaches which in turn allows the synthesis of creativity and technical conditions.

        We emphasize on the systematic design methodology in conceptual design to generate a more comprehensive and logical understanding for our projects.

    Urban Design
  • Schematic Design

        With the defined parameters of programs, understanding of inherent site conditions and proposed possibilities achieved during concept stage, we proceed further schematic design with considerations of budget, time schedule and more concrete visualization of space.

        We still maintain a relatively open design process that the client's wish list could be tested against various scenarios and constraints including Government Regulations, Building Codes and the other technical limitations.

        The design begins to take specific form and spaces that integrate the cultural, social, ecological and techincal parameters.

    Urban Design
  • Design Development

        We regard the Design Development phase a vital connection from schematic design to project execution. The further integration and development of building forms, materials and elevations is conducted by detailed design and coordination of the floor plans, sections, elevations, typical construction details, and equipment layouts. Preliminary specifications are established that identify major building materials, systems and quality standards.

        We demand a thorough collaboration with different professional disciplines including structures, building services, façade engineering, future operators and building contractors to ensure a comprehensive consideration of detailed requirements and project execution.

        A critical review on the consistency of design from concepts to this stage is conveyed to examine the initial ideas be successfully executed.

    Urban Design
  • Construction Drawing

        The quality of architecture is largely determined by its detailed development and execution. We prepare the construction drawing document based on the detail criteria confirmed during the Design Development. We strongly believe that a great architecture should consist of well considered details and components that work together. The construction drawing package should enable building contractors to better understandf the design spirit, function and execution of each of the details in the project.

        We produce the construction drawings by intensive communication with client, consultants and contractor attempting for the best quality of the final product.

    Urban Design

Commercial Space Design

  • Commercial Space Layout

        A successful commercial project should be a symphony of innovative design and attractive programs. In particular, the rapid advance of living standards demands a venue that offers an ever refreshing experience to users.

        With diverse professional experience, we develop the commercial space layout with sophisticated integration of retail strategy and programmatic arrangement. The design shall include thorough and innovative consideration of circulation, access points, program chemistry and the total experience offered by the environment.

        We have successfully completed the design of many shopping malls, retail streets and department stores etc. We help our client to translate their marketing and retail strategy into a unique space layout.

    Urban Design
  • Commercial Interior Design

        We always focus on exploring new types of commercial interiors. Innovative ideas are proposed for iconic shops and international brands that give the high-end consumers unique shopping experience.

        Each project is developed by thinking creative spatial types and synthesis of material, lights and color system. We like to reinterpret the spirit of individual brand and translate the gist into new possible design elements.

    Urban Design